5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Candidate Journey

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Searching for your dream job can be a time-consuming and exhausting process. There are so many organizations out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed and come to the interview feeling unprepared. But with a little time and planning, there are some things you can do to make your job hunt a little easier, and more successful.

Here are five ways to make the most out of your candidate journey.

#1. Research! 

Before you apply, research the company and the role and tailor your resume and your interview accordingly:

  • Highlight key words that match the job description.
  • Scour the company’s website and social media feeds and mirror the terminology they use.
  • Know what the company values the most and be ready to speak to why that matters to you.
  • Ask who you will be interviewing with and learn about their background on LinkedIn.
  • Have you read a blog post or white paper published by the company? Don’t be afraid to mention it and why you think it’s important or ask any questions you have about the publication.
  • Utilize Glassdoor to find company photos and videos, industry information, and employee feedback that really highlights what it’s like to work for that organization.
  • Do a search on LinkedIn to get a sense of the type of backgrounds employees bring to the company and develop a better understanding of what they look for in a candidate.


#2. Be your (professional) self! 

Be the most professional version of the who you will be if you’re hired into this role:

  • In other words, be yourself, but keep it professional.
  • Dress professionally – ask about the office dress code so you don’t arrive at the interview over or under dressed.
  • Don’t overshare personal information that isn’t pertinent to the job. At the same time, do you have a personal experience that translates to the role?  Feel free to share that experience, and be able to speak to why it’s relevant, as long as it is work-appropriate.
  • Is this role client facing?  If so, how you come across in an interview is how you’ll be pictured in front of a client.


#3. Come prepared! 

Congratulations, you’ve been invited for an interview!  Now what?

  • Before the interview, make sure you’ve completed any forms or provided any information they’ve asked of you. 
  • Have you researched how long it will take to get to the office?  Make certain you arrive on time!
  • Come to the interview with thoughtful questions that show you understand what the company does, what your role would be, and an understanding of their culture.
  • Ask questions that help paint a picture for you of a day in the life of this role.
  • Be able to name one or two unique things that stood out about the role and the company.


#4. Follow up! 

Everyone is busy these days. If the recruiter doesn’t get back to you right away, don’t be afraid to check in:

  • Touching base solidifies how interested you are in the role and keeps you at the front of their mind. 
  • After the interview, are you replaying everything back in your head and realize something you forgot to ask? It’s okay to reach out and keep the conversation going after the interview is over. This keeps you in the interview team’s sights and shows them how important the job is to you.
  • Ask for a business card for each person you interview with, but don’t forget to use it. Send an email or a handwritten note to each person who took time to meet with you thanking them for their time. You can even highlight part of your conversation with them that stood out to you to set yourself apart.


#5. Ask for the job! 

What do you have to lose? After your interview, if you know you want to work for that company, don’t be afraid to say so. While they likely won’t have an answer for you right then and there, it shows your interest and enthusiasm in being part of their team. People want to work with individuals who are passionate and genuinely want to be a part of their organization, so don’t be afraid to say so.


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