6 Tips for Launching Your Career in Talent Management

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Effective talent management is crucial to any organization’s success and therefore an exciting space to work in. Launching a career in any industry can be daunting; working alongside seasoned industry experts and getting up to speed can feel arduous. In addition to the knowledge gap inherent in taking on any new career, the Talent Management industry is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of today’s workforce.

In order to successfully launch your career in this large and multi-faceted space, consider the following recommendations:

1.) Think Big Picture

The Talent Management industry is comprised of the entire employee lifecycle from hiring to development to compensation and succession planning. Understanding the larger purpose of seeking, growing, and rewarding a company’s greatest asset (their talent) will contextualize each function- in turn clarifying best practices. For instance, understanding that it is in an organization’s best interest to develop an employee’s knowledge and skills over time explains the trend toward cultivating continuous and ongoing performance management practices.

Your contributions will provide more value if the task at hand is framed within the larger goal of attracting, developing, leveraging, and retaining top talent.

2.) Read Industry Publications

Spending time each day immersed in current industry trends will help you build an internal database from which to pull information. You will become a more effective contributor by knowing the industry trajectory and key players. ATD, Harvard Business Review, and SHRM are a few examples of Talent Management publications to follow.

3.) Master the Lingo

As in most industries, the Talent Management space utilizes its own specific terminology. Writing these down as you hear them will help you learn this new space, giving you the tools you need to demonstrate your knowledge and build credibility.

4.) Leverage Experts

It is imperative to develop relationships with subject matter experts in your organization. The opportunity to shadow calls, provide notes, and draft deliverables when possible will generate goodwill and give you insights into the process and outcome of each aspect of talent management activities. Asking questions along the way will also give you a better understanding of how to problem solve and mitigate risks, demonstrating your engagement and commitment to deepening your knowledge.

5.) Find an Ally

In addition to building relationships with experts in your organization, it is crucial to speak with individuals who were recently in your shoes. A relationship with someone closer to your experience can help you clarify the ambiguous without delving too deeply into the complexities.

6.) Actively Seek Feedback

The best way to know how to improve is by asking for real-time feedback proactively and often. Not only does it engage others in your development, but it also provides insight regarding your blind spots. Recognizing opportunities for growth and acting on them will put you on the path to mastering your career.

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