American Woodmark Transforms Learning Experience For Users

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American Woodmark is one of the largest kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers across the globe. In 2019, they were looking for a solution to help them transform their learning experience for users. They were hesitant about giving employees access to their full learning platform because they were having difficulty configuring the system to their needs. They needed to assign mandatory training courses to employees throughout the year, but had trouble setting up the system to assign and offer training on a recurring basis. Also, the majority of their employee training takes place on the floor and they needed an efficient way to capture training completions. Having waited almost a year to introduce the learning solution to employees, American Woodmark was eager to adapt Cornerstone OnDemand and transform their learning experience for users.

How Educe Group helped American Woodmark transform their learning experience for users:

American Woodmark brought in Educe Group to help increase their Cornerstone system knowledge and set them up for success. To begin the process, Educe conducted an optimization workshop at American Woodmark’s headquarters in Virginia. Educe worked closely with stakeholders to understand how they operated as an organization, both from a business-level and department-level. They also collected information about current pain points and identified areas within the system that needed to be optimized.

Educe developed a detailed action plan that encompassed American Woodmark’s goals. To improve internal system knowledge, Educe built specific job aids and conducted one-on-one training courses. Next, the team focused on updating configurations within the learning module, changing the criteria used for assignments to make it easier to set up and assign training courses to users. Since many of their employees are not in front of a computer most days, Educe provided American Woodmark with training resources to help their users adopt the system with ease once they received access to the learning portal.

LMS Success

American Woodmark’s LMS was successfully rolled out to all legacy American Woodmark users in June 2019. After the completion of the optimization workshop, American Woodmark felt empowered to make key strategic decisions pertaining to their learning platform.

The optimization workshop helped American Woodmark:

  • Deliver more than 1,300 training courses to 4,500 employees
  • Reduce the time it took to build and develop compliance reports
  • Improve learning processes by identifying early-on when assignment
    errors occurred
  • Develop the internal team’s knowledge of Cornerstone to help
    administer the system


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