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Ebenezer Williams, Senior Technical Consultant

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What do you do in your day-to-day role?

My work is focused on helping clients streamline their Talent Management Systems through custom software solutions and API integrations. My day-to-day consists of working with clients to understand business requirements, scoping, and estimating level of effort (LOE) for various software projects and building custom software to streamline business processes.

What skills does your current job require? How have you mastered those skills?

Coding and Problem Solving are two of the most important skills in my current position and they go hand in hand. An important aspect of my role is the use of software to solve complex business problems. The beauty of software development is that there is always something new to learn or a new problem to solve. I continuously look for more efficient ways to tackle and build intuitive solutions for our clients. I also keep up to date with the latest development tools and look to incorporate them into our stack when appropriate.

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