[Checklist] 10 Ways to Promote Your New Talent Management System (TMS) to Employees

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Launching a new talent management system (TMS) for an organization is an exciting and busy time! Before you know it, your go-live date is approaching, and you don’t have a solid plan in place to promote your new TMS. Don’t panic – We’ve compiled a checklist to help get the word out to employees about your new technology.   

Organize a promotional team

Identify members from your organization who can provide support for promoting the TMS internally to employees. This team can consist of members of HR, Marketing, IT, etc. Additionally, schedule a meeting with senior leaders and managers to introduce them to the new TMS, so they can be champions of the new system and be a resource for employees to ask questions and provide feedback. 

Leverage direct mail

With the transition to a “work from anywhere” culture, organizations can ship items directly to employees. Each direct mailer should convey the benefits of the new TMS and provide a link where employees can go to learn more. Promotional items like a coffee mug or water bottle printed with the logo or TMS tagline can further reinforce the campaign and capture the attention of employees.  

Decorate the office

Drive awareness across locations by leveraging office signage. Make sure to coordinate with each office location to ensure they know when and where to put the signage. You can use posters, pull-up banners or even wall clings to decorate the office.  

Host virtual meetings

Collaborate with senior leadership to host virtual meetings where employees can learn about the new system, ask questions, and provide feedback. If possible, the message can be delivered at a scheduled town hall or company meeting.

Create an engaging video tutorial

Use video to educate employees and walk them through common tasks they will complete in the TMS, including how to take training, post comments, etc. You can use a platform like Vyond to create animated explainer videos. If you want to build hype for the TMS prior to the launch date, you can even leverage video to create an exciting movie trailer. 

Host a scavenger hunt

Walk employees through the new process and technology in a fun and interactive manner. Have employees log into the new system and encourage them to accomplish specific tasks. Consider giving out prizes to the individuals who complete the tasks in the quickest manner. This tactic will encourage employees to learn how to navigate the TMS.

Promote optional training

It’s no secret that many employees only log into a TMS to take their required courses. If optional training is enabled in your TMS, make sure employees are aware that they can go into the new system to take these additional learning courses. This will remove the stigma of the TMS being something people dread, and it will encourage users to log back into the system to take voluntary courses. 

Hold a naming contest

Having trouble coming up with a creative name for your TMS? Crowdsource ideas from employees and have them vote for the winning name. This tactic will make employees feel part of the process and increase the likelihood of them interacting with the new system.  

Promote the differences between the new system and the old system

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right TMS, so it’s important for your organization to highlight the benefits of the new system. If any problems existed with the old system, explain how the new system will address those issues, and improve processes moving forward. 

Schedule a regular cadence of communications

Build anticipation and awareness for the new system early in the process. Start sending out internal messages 2-3 months out, so employees are prepared for the changes to come. After the TMS has launched, send a regular cadence of email communications to employees with tips and best practices to encourage them to engage with the new system.  

For more best practices on promoting your new TMS to employees, check out our video below.

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