How to Keep Employees Engaged During the Coronavirus

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As millions of people learn how to adjust to working from their home, organizations are turning to virtual tools like video conference calls to keep employees connected. We’ve compiled a list of tactics you can implement to help your employees stay engaged during this time.

1. Host a virtual happy hour 

Leverage a video conference platform like Webex or Zoom to connect with remote employees and share ideas for “staying sane” during this time. Host the happy hour on a reoccurring basis (Ex: Every Thursday at 5:00 pm) and make sure to accommodate different time zones. Additionally, incorporate interactive components like virtual trivia to break up any awkward silences.

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2. Launch a coffee date program 

Whether your organization is big or small, it’s likely that some colleagues rarely or never interact with other team members. To promote a more collaborative workplace, consider launching a virtual coffee date program to give employees the opportunity to have informal conversations with other colleagues. You can use a platform like SignUpGenius to manage participation for the program, and we recommend developing a few icebreaker questions to help employees start the conversation.

3. Promote informal learning  

With many employees having extra time on their hands, now is the perfect time to introduce informal learning. You can use a platform like LinkedIn Learning to encourage employees to take voluntary courses to develop or enhance their skills in a number of different areas.

4. Leverage your Talent Management System’s social functionality

If your Talent Management System has a social component like a discussion board, leverage the platform to help employees stay connected. Employees can ask for advice or use the tool to share photos of their “paw-workers”.

Pet photos from Educe employees

5. Recognize your employees 

If your organization has a weekly or bi-weekly team meeting, use time at the end of the meeting to give “snaps” to employees for personal or professional achievements. This will not only help employees stay motivated and feel appreciated, but they are likely to become more productive.

6. Launch a desk décor competition 

As many employees become acclimated to working from home, consider hosting a desk décor contest to drive competition and motivate employees to set up their new workspace. You can have employees take photos of their new workspace, and employees can vote for their favorite photos.

These are just some virtual employee engagement programs that you can implement for your organization. Share your ideas for keeping employees motivated and engaged in the comments box below!

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