McAfee Successfully Increases the Organization’s Learning ROI

McAfee case study

McAfee, a global computer security software company, sought a comprehensive and integrated learning management platform on which they could establish a foundation for the future. They were managing two separate platforms to support their internal learning and extended enterprise services. Not only was this a costly endeavor for the company, but they faced increasingly complex business challenges. Cross-functional teams were not connecting with the correct stakeholders, and it was time-consuming to coordinate learning processes between both systems. McAfee desired a more robust solution to both help establish a learning culture for employees and to keep track of the training courses that their expansive portfolio of resellers and services partners completed. With a rapidly approaching expiration date for their existing platforms, McAfee needed to ensure that the implementation of the new solution (and the accompanying transformation of business processes) occurred on-time, within budget, and with minimal disruption.

How Educe Group helped McAfee successfully increase the organization’s learning ROI:

McAfee called upon Educe Group to assist them with their implementation and adoption of Saba Cloud.  In addition to delivering standard core functional and technical deployment support, Educe provided supplemental staff augmentation support for the McAfee project team and assisted with the change management activities that would foster a smooth transition to the new platform. The standard core functional and technical deployment support encompassed Educe delivering pre-project Saba Cloud implementation readiness training, functional configuration of Saba Cloud, and ensuring the mapping and success of the data migration and technical integrations. The advanced support entailed Educe leading a deep analysis of the existing system, helping to manage other McAfee vendors, providing project management support to coordinate all the McAfee-side resources and tasks, and delivering resources and training to ensure McAfee administrators were prepared to manage their tasks and leverage the capabilities of Saba Cloud upon launch.

McAfee wisely prioritized a thorough testing phase prior to the launch of Saba Cloud to confirm everything from migrated data and technical integrations to end-to-end workflows were buttoned up prior to go-live. This included planning for adequate time to refine the solution and training materials based on the feedback from the User Acceptance Testing participants. Educe worked shoulder-to-shoulder with McAfee through every phase of the project. Collectively the project team maintained transparent, real-time communications to stay on top of requirements, tasks, issues, and resources as the project evolved.

Launching on-time was not the sole goal of the engagement; Educe also sought to prepare the McAfee team to successfully manage Saba Cloud on their own and prepare McAfee’s other main stakeholder (the extended enterprise team) for the future project. Virtual training sessions were scheduled and recorded to educate a global group of system administrators. Early collaboration with the other stakeholder helped identify and prioritize requirements and position potential solutions for that future phase.

LMS Success

McAfee successfully migrated employees to their new LMS in the summer of 2020. After transitioning over to Saba Cloud, the cost savings were immediate and significant helping them increase the organization’s learning ROI. Moving from an on-premise solution to the Saba Cloud platform, they are now avoiding lengthy downtimes for sizeable system updates. Another hallmark of the new solution is the use of Saba Cloud’s more intuitive curricula versus McAfee’s historical based “bundles” of training content. McAfee also utilizes the robust exam/assessment functionality of the system to standardize the creation and maintenance of technical assessment exams.

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McAfee case study





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