Educe microapp solutions enable organizations to enhance the user experience and extend the impact of talent management software without the exorbitant cost and complexity of maintaining traditional customizations.

What is a Microapp?

Microapps are quite literally small software applications embedded in or adjacent to your talent management system platform. They can take system data and present it differently, integrate data from multiple systems, enhance a workflow, or transform data outside of the system and bring it back to the system to be leveraged in more powerful ways.

Educe uses the agile development workflow to develop and deploy microapps to Amazon Web Services (Cloud). Microapps access system and organization data using API provided by the existing enterprise system.

When Would I Need a Microapp?

Transformative Solutions

Educe specializes in designing custom microapp solutions that span key categories in the Talent Management arena.


Leverage third party platforms to streamline business workflows

  • Import attendance and award credit in real-time for instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training events via badge scanner or QR code
  • Simplify the creation and management of sessions using virtual platforms like Microsoft Teams
  • Seamlessly import eLearning courses from a content provider to a learning management system

User Experience

Enhance the user experience and drive adoption

Compliance Management

Optimize assignment, completion, and tracking of requirements

  • Launch a mandatory online questionnaire to collect user data and automate the assignment of required training
  • Create a dynamic dashboard to showcase upcoming compliance training due dates in real time
  • Track continuing education credits against internal firm policies, including annual credit carryover

Administrator Workflow

Increase efficiency of administrator processes

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