Shire’s Acquisition of Baxalta Provides Opportunity to Harmonize Training

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Shire is a global biopharmaceutical company with U.S. operations headquartered in Lexington, Massachusetts. In June 2016, Shire completed the acquisition of Baxalta, a development that would make the organization the global leader in rare diseases. Shire brought in Educe Group, a technology consulting partner, to help onboard the 23,000 Baxalta employees and merge their disparate data sets, learning content, regulatory/compliance training workflows and system processes into a single, centralized training that would meet the most critical business requirements of all parties…all to be completed in a relatively tight timeline.

How Educe Group helped bring it all together

In the face of this complex project, Educe met with Shire and Baxalta business stakeholders, compiling requirements from all involved parties to develop a comprehensive migration plan that would ensure the thorough and secure transfer of data and content between systems. A major part of that effort lay in leading the cleanup, migration and incorporation of millions of Baxalta data points and historical records, as well as the strategic merging of parallel processes and naming conventions.

Shire also used the transition as an opportunity to organize and address existing gaps. With Educe Group’s functional and technical guidance, they established tighter system controls, streamlined process flows and organized ownership structures. The Educe team configured the system not only to meet current requirements– but to ensure that it had the necessary foundation to meet potential future scenarios, thus positioning Shire leadership with the flexibility to respond and adapt readily to organizational changes and new requirements as they arise.

Merger success within 8 months

The newly integrated system successfully went live in June 2017 without disruption to the existing training workflows. In addition, the project was accomplished within the required eight month timeframe. Since go‐live, the Educe team has provided ongoing training and issue resolution, gradually transferring system ownership to Shire’s internal administrators and outsourced partner.

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